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Since the 19405, the excavations in the inland delta region of the Niger River near Djenne in Mali have yielded numerous sculptured terra-cotta, cast
copper-alloy, and gold figures representing humans and animals. These sculptures originated in advanced, flourishing cultures that may have existed as
early as the eighth century A.D. or as late as the seventeenth century.

Figures representing a mother and child seem to occur less frequently than other subjects, such as chiefs or warriors on horseback, reclining or kneeling
females, or animals, especially snakes. The meaning of these ancient maternity figures is unknown. In this example and in other instances, the "children". 40cm/30cm15cm, 4kg, 

Inland delta region of the Niger River, Mali late12th-late 14th century Terra-co

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  • CONDITION: Very good to Excellent overall original condition. these door are well kept and fully packed for fast shipping from west africa. 

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